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Tillerstar –
How Does
It Work?

Farm Smarter with the World’s only One-Pass Tiller for Root Veg, Potatoes and Salad

The unique Tillerstar is the only agricultural tiller designed to turn stubble and unprepared ground into seedbed in a single pass.

British designed and manufactured, it’s helped farmers around the world to cut time and costs since 2011.

How Does the Tillerstar Work?

The Tillerstar features unique patented Star Finger Rollers which allow it to till, sieve and form the ground into ridged beds in a single action.

  • Driven rotor blades bite into the unprepared ground and throw soil and stones backwards
  • Unique Star Finger Rollers sieve the earth, allowing fine soil through and depositing stones and clods into the void beneath the bed
  • Fine soil falls through forming ridged beds ready for planting

How Can the Tillerstar Benefit Your Farm?

The Tillerstar has been shown to save up to £300 ($400US) per hectare:

  • Significantly reduces time spent individually deep ridging, de-stoning & bed tilling
  • Fuel costs and wear on equipment are significantly reduced
  • No need to buy or store three pieces of machinery
  • Better destoning improves drainage and soil quality

Tried, Tested & Proven

The Tillerstar is used on various soil types around the world including:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Australia
  • Slovenia

Every season the Tillerstar is used to create perfect beds in a single-pass for crops including:
















Works directly on stubble, unprepared or ploughed land

Creates finely sieved and uniform raised beds
Patented Star Finger Rollers sieve soil and bury stones
Hydraulic folding for easy transportation and storage

Key Features

  • The Tillerstar works directly on stubble, unprepared or ploughed land
  • Blades ensure all soil is worked down to 30cm deep
  • Creates uniform raised beds – no need for ridging or de-stoning
  • Fully adjustable for complete soil separation
  • Adjustable spacers for all soil conditions
  • Hydraulic folding for easy transportation and storage
  • Variable bed formers & shapers
  • 72” and 80” working widths
  • Options including quick release rotors, carbide blades and gearboxes to 400hp

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Available in 1, 2 & 3 Bed Widths

1 Bed Tillerstar

World’s only one-pass root veg tiller

2 Bed Tillerstar

Double the effectiveness

3 Bed Tillerstar

Maximum results from minimum effort

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