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We know different farms have different soil types and farmers like to see how agricultural machinery performs in their own fields. Therefore, we are now running more Tillerstar demos all around the UK, giving you the opportunity of experiencing our one-pass machine on your own land.

At one of our recent demonstrations for a farmer in Buckinghamshire, with a maincrop of leafy greens, the Tillerstar was tested straight onto stubble in extremely dry heavy land, tilling and forming beds 14 inches deep. As 8 to 10 inches was the depth required for the planting of their brassicas, they were more than satisfied with the Tillerstar’s performance on their tough soil.
Another advantage for this particular farmer was that all cabbage roots left in the field after harvest were crushed up by the Tillerstar, removing the need to dispose of the roots after harvesting. The Tillerstar also removes the need of other machinery improving your costs in time, fuel, processes, maintenance and staff.

So what are you waiting for? Call us on 01603755155 or email info@georgemoate.com to find out more about the Tillerstar and book your own demo today!