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We have a variety of options when it comes to blades for each George Moate machine, and we use a wide range of materials including boron, armatec and carbide. Whether you’re looking for TillerstarTiller, Topper or Rotorstone blades, we have the highest performing and longest lasting blades available!

George Moate spares also include drive chains, discs, a variety of bearings and seals, Tillerstar stars and star cleaners. We’ve got everything you’ll need to bring your machine back to original peak performance.

Not only do we improve the quality of our parts each year but also usability. Our blades have increased durability due to coatings and finishing techniques developed in-house, and design features such as quick release blades save our customers time during maintenance.

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Tiller Armatec Bolt-On Blade

Tillerstar Armatec Quick Release Blades

Tiller Armatec Quick Release Blade

Similarly to the example shown above of our Tiller armatec blades; All Tillerstar (boron, armatec and tungsten carbide) blades are also available in both bolt-on or quick release variants.

Looking for something else in particular? We’ve got the right parts for your machine!

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