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2 Bed Tillerstar
Save up to £300 ($400US) per hectare

Our 2 Bed Tillerstar creates two destoned and ridged beds for root vegetables, potatoes or salad in a just one pass.

Hydraulic folding and proven in a range of applications and soils, its unique patented design buries stones and clods beneath the sieved soil. Its triple action can save up to £300 ($400US) per hectare.

Key Features:

  • Available in double 1.8m (72”) or 2m (80”) bed widths
  • Hydraulic folding for easy transportation & storage
  • Features four rows of fully adjustable patented star finger rollers for differing soils
  • Fitted with 330hp multi-speed gearbox & two auto reset clutch
  • Requires minimum 200hp at PTO
  • Bed shapers for potatoes, double flange rotors, star cleaners, Armatec blades, centre sub soil leg and four 12″ depth wheels as standard
  • Optional extras include:
    – Hydraulic markers
    – Adjustable bed forming hoods
    – Floating crumbler rollers
    – Quick release blade system
    – Carbide blades
    – 390HP gearbox with oil cooler
    – Rear lighting kit
    – Granular applicator unit

Watch the 2 Bed Tillerstar in Action

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